Keep up with all of our upcoming chapter events by checking your email. If you are interested in volunteering for any event, please look in your email for the correct link. Hope to see you there!

Meeting Dates

  • 12/2/19 General Meeting - Auditorium

  • 1/13/20 General Meeting - Auditorium

  • 2/3/20 General Meeting - WAVE

  • 3/10/20 General Meeting - Auditorium

  • 4/8/20 General Meeting - Auditorium

  • 5/18/20 General Meeting - Auditorium

Have an Idea for an Event?
     If you have a specific idea for an event in mind, please send an email to Please do not suggest events that our National Honor Society chapter has already participated in, or is currently participating in. Also, only submit ideas that emphasize service and character! We would be more than happy to hear any and all ideas that you may submit; make sure to include your name, a brief description of the event and its requirements, and all relevant contact information. 

The National Honor Society® of Cypress Bay

Weston, FL

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