The group of individuals dedicated to the improvement of our National Honor Society Chapter and to the administration of service throughout our city.

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Mrs. Shari Bush, Advisor

​​Mrs. Bush is our fantastic NHS Adviser; she's served as an amazing resource for hundreds of students at Cypress, and even more so for our own National Honor Society Chapter. She's also the College Adviser and is responsible for working with all Cypress Bay students on navigating through the convoluted process to get into their dream school. She is looking forward to her continued role with the National Honor Society and working with the 2021-2022 officers and members. Mrs. Bush loves spending time with her family and is most happy when watching "Usher" on The Voice! She also greatly mistreated the last officer board with gross amounts of work. Does anyone read these things anyway?

GRACE BAEK, President


Grace is both humbled and excited to be the President of the National Honor Society. She is passionate about community service and spends her time tutoring underserved refugee children, distributing supplies to families in Immokalee living below the poverty line, fundraising for adult autism advocacy, etc. Outside of school, you can find her listening to Kpop songs, reading a good novel, and spending time with friends and family. Grace truly believes in the value of service and hopes to work with all of our amazing NHS members to effect change in our community.

NICOLE ALCOCER, Vice President


Nicole is a senior and one of the Vice Presidents of the National Honor Society. She strives to cultivate happiness in others and always goes out of her way to help however she can. Nicole has a strong love for languages and different cultures which can be reflected through her other leadership positions including being the President of the Italian Honor Society. On her free time, she enjoys going on long runs, going to the beach, playing tennis and listening to different types of music. Nicole feels honored to be the Vice President this school year and can’t wait to work closely with all the members in order to make a great difference in the community!

MIRRA Patel, Vice President

Mirra Patel is a senior and is one of the Vice Presidents of the National Honor Society. She enjoys spending her time giving back to the community and hanging out with her friends. Mirra is also an avid music lover and you can always find her listening to music or creating new playlists. She is very excited to be the new vice president for NHS and hopes to make the club the best it can be, and is excited to come up with new opportunities for members to participate in.


Rachel is the Treasurer of the National Honor Society. She looks forward to working alongside the members of NHS to fund altruistic causes in the community. In addition to her leadership in NHS, Rachel is an active member of Cypress Bay’s Student Government Association (SGA) as the chairperson of Harvest Drive, an annual food collection for local families in-need. Outside of school, she runs a self-founded elementary school tutoring company and serves as President of her Broward County 4-H Club, a youth-led organization aiming to create sustainable community change. In her spare time, Rachel loves to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat and watch TV shows like Bones and Veronica Mars. Rachel is very excited for the upcoming year and hopes to create an environment in which NHS members feel empowered to take charge of their passions and embrace giving back to their community.

gREGORY COHEN, Secretary

Gregory Cohen is a senior and is one of the Secretaries of the National Honor Society. He looks forward to working with all of the members of NHS, especially now that we are back in person. Greg is very passionate about volunteering for those that are disadvantaged and wants to open up those opportunities to the members of NHS. Outside of school, Greg is a teacher's assistant at his Jewish Synagogue, where he tutors kids in the Hebrew Language. In addition to his leadership in the NHS, Greg is a Senator of the Jewish Student Union at Cypress Bay, a program designed to teach teens about Judaism in hopes of reducing religious discrimination in the community. In his free time, Greg debates nationally with the Cypress Bay Debayte Team.


Andrei Chekmasov is one of the secretaries of the National Honor Society. He is studious and organized, and the go-to person for issues with spreadsheets and data. With an analytical mindset, Andrei is passionate about everything related to technology, from computer components to programming. In his free time, Andrei tinkers with computer programs to solve problems or create games. He hopes to apply these ideas to managing NHS, taking advantage of digital resources to prepare the club for the future. Andrei is interested in contributing the community by exposing more people to the benefits of STEM knowledge and careers. As a volunteer, Andrei values initiatives which promote learning and provide new opportunities for people to expand their horizons. Andrei looks forward to being an officer in NHS and making the next year an amazing one.

Sofia is the 2021-2022 Ambassador for the National Honor Society. She is passionate about giving back to the community and loves to spend her time teaching underprivileged kids. In addition to her leadership in NHS, she is the Director of Student Growth at YAPA Kids. In her free time, Sofia likes to sail, bike, and hang out with her friends and family. She is both excited and honored to be the Ambassador and is looking forward to working with everyone in NHS to make next year amazing.

SOFIA ISSEL, Ambassador